Sacred Heart Parish School is a member of the San Benito Athletic League (SBAL). The league is made up of rural and private schools from San Benito, Gilroy, and Morgan Hill. The members of the league include: Aromas, Charter School of Morgan Hill, Crossroads Christian, Oakwood Country, Flex Academy Sacred Heart Parish School, San Juan, Southside, Spring Grove, Tres Pinos, and Pacific Point.

The league encourages all students to participate and promotes good sportsmanship from the students, coaches, and spectators. The sports that students can participate in are: Girls Basketball and Boys Soccer.

Girls Basketball Schedule

November 13 - TuesdaySMGSH@SMQ 6th/7th4:00
November 13 -TuesdaySMGSH@SMQ8th5:00
November 15 -ThursdaySHHP@SH 6th4:00
November 15 -ThursdaySHHP@SH 7th/8th5:00
November 29 -TuesdaySHOakwood@SH 8th4:00
December 4 -TuesdaySHTP@SH 8th4:00
December 4 -TuesdaySHHPS@SH 6th5:00
December 5 -WednesdayAromasSH@Aromas 6th4:00
December 5 -WednesdayAromasSH@Aromas 8th5:00
December 6 -ThursdaySHCharter @ SH 6th4:00
December 6 -ThursdaySHCharter@ SH 8th5:00
December 10 -MondaySHJAMM@SH 6th4:00
December 10 -MondaySHJAMM@SH 8th5:00
December 11 -TuesdaySHGPS@SH 7/6th4:00
December 11 -TuesdaySHGPS@SH 8th5:00
December 17 -MondaySSSS@SH 8th4:00
December 19 -WednesdaySpring GroveSH @ SG 7th4:00
December 19 -WednesdaySpring GroveSH @ SG 8th5:00

Boys Soccer Schedule

November 15 -ThursdayMHSCSH vs Charter4:00
November 26 -MondayHPSSH@Hollister Prep4:00
November 29 -ThursdaySan MartinSH vs JAMM4:00
December 6-ThursdayAromasSH@Aromas4:00
December 12 -WednesdayVets ParkSH vs Oakwood4:00
December 13 -ThursdayGilroy PrepSH @ Gilroy Prep4:00
December 17 - MondayMHSCSH vs Charter4:00
December 19 - WednesdayVets ParkSH vs SG4:00

Track and Field Meet TBA