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Sacred Heart Parish School has a well-defined, comprehensive curriculum, which focuses on each students' spiritual, personal, and intellectual development. The curriculum is comprised of Religion, Mathematics, Language Arts (Reading/Literature, Composition, English, Spelling, Penmanship, Oral Expression), Social Studies, Science, Technology, Spanish, Music, and Physical Education.

In addition to a full academic regimen, our students are offered various other opportunities. For example, lower-grade classes visit the school Library once a week where they are introduced to thematic books and books of various genre based on their classroom learning. Junior high students have access to the library on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Our students participate in the school-side Speech Contest and the Science Fair. Students are also encouraged to participate in Student Government, where all grades (K-8) are represented by two class representatives and students in Grade 5-8 may hold office.

We also offer:

  • school choir (Grades 5-8),
  • science camp, (Grade 6),
  • after-school school sports (Grades 6-8), and
  • electives, such as robotics, photography, drama, and cross-stitch (Grades 6-8).