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Student Council

Throughout the year Student Council spearheads activities that raises money. This is what and where these monies go.

See's Candy - Sold in November and orders processed in December. This is the operating capital for the Student Council. With this money we fund:

  • Members go to summer leadership camp
  • Donation of at least $1,000 to Fishes and Loaves, broken down into trimester payments
  • Inauguration pins, buttons, and reception
  • School newspaper and Literary Book
  • Student Council supplies for all the activities (paper, envelopes, binders, etc.)
  • Special projects that may come up throughout the year
  • At the end of the year we have funded other items, such as printers for grades 5-8, televisions, and VCR's, VCR-DVD combination players, risers for the gym, color printer for the computer lab, etc.

Penny Challenge - This money usually goes to a LOCAL charity, which is chosen at the beginning of the year by the student council. In the past we have donated to:

  • Relay for Life
  • Small Steps
  • Red Cross
  • Emmaus House (twice)
  • Madison Eastman Foundation of Kids with Cancer
  • Sacred Heart of Jesus- Baton Rouge (Katrina victims)
  • Chamberlain's Children's Home
  • Compassion Pregnancy Services
  • Kinship Center (2009-2010)

Fishes and Loaves - This collection is usually kicked off with the Harvest Food Drive, with food going directly to the Harvest Food Drive. Then, all of the food collected goes directly to our own Fishes and Loaves for disbursement. The student council also collects $5.00 or 3 food items totaling about $5.00 as admission to the Jr. High Dances. The money collected from Jr. High Dances goes towards our charity, and the food goes to Fishes and Loaves.