Associated Costs TK-8

2017 - 2018

Application Fee: $ 35.00

New Student application processing fee

Assessment Fee: $ 50.00

New Student assessment fee*

Registration Fee: (Prior to April 12th –$450.00) $550.00

This is an annual per student fee, which reserves the student admission for the following school year. The registration fee covers student accident insurance, student tax, textbook use, cost of consumables, standardized testing, and technology.*

Maintenance and Building Fee: $ 75.00

This is an annual per family fee, which helps cover general building maintenance and minor facility improvements.*

Tuition Schedule:

Tuition is payable thru FACTS Management system. Payment options available include single, biannual, 4 payments, and 10 mo. payment plan.

(* indicates non-refundable fees)

Standard Rate
 Per StudentAdditional Student Discount
Monthly$ 638.00$ 622.64
Annual$ 6,386.00$ 6,266.35
Parish Rate
 Per StudentAdditonal Student Discount
Monthly$ 622.64$ 606.67
Annual$ 6,226.35$ 6,066.70

FACTS Management Fee: (nonrefundable)

This is a annual registration fee of $45 per family to register with the FACTS Management system. FACTS is the largest provider of tuition payment plans in the industry, giving students and families from educational institutions at all levels a better way to manage education costs over time. With a FACTS Tuition Payment Plan, you can choose a convenient payment option to suit your needs. Instead of one lump tuition payment, smaller payments can be made over time. Payments can be made by credit card or bank draft. For your convenience, you may choose from the semi-annual plan, quarterly plan, or the monthly plan. All billing will be covered through FACTS.

Sacred Heart Parish School has a Parent Volunteer Program, which is designed to encourage parent involvement. Each family is required to volunteer 35 hours per family per year.* There will be a $50 charge for each hour not met by May 16, 2018.

*Single parent families are required to meet a 16-hour volunteer requirement and part-time Preschool parents are required to meet a 14-hour volunteer requirement.